Looking after your Spotty Otter


Caring for your Spotty Otter Waterproof Gear

How do I wash my Spotty otter gear? All of our Waterproof and Fleece-Lined garments are easy to wash at home and, if cared for correctly, will come up looking great time and time again. Wear it day and night, week after week. Wait until your child has gone to bed and you can sneak it off the peg and then: Put in the washing machine, fastening any zips or clips. For best results we recommend Nikwax or Grangers Technical Wash products, but you can also use pure soap flakes;... Read More

How to keep your waterproofs looking brand new!

Spotty otter saw my muck monsters on Instagram and asked if I would write a post about how I care for my kids waterproofs, so that’s what I’m going to do! Firstly I’m Ella, 29 and have 2 children. Mya who is 3 and Logan who’s 1. They are both very outdoorsy kids, they love to go exploring, to go on adventures but mostly they love to wallow in the mud… My eldest currently attends Sheffield’s only fully outdoors forest school, so as the name suggests she is outdoors for... Read More